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Anna Pinsky Coaching

Anna Pinsky has been coaching for over ten years since graduating from a year-long intensive Evidence Based Coaching Program at Fielding Graduate University as part of her Masters Degree in Organization Management and Development and this was only the start of her ongoing thirst for new learning and interest in the field of coaching.  

She has coached individuals from across Asia and western countries, in a variety of leadership roles and industries spanning from governmental organization through to international businesses from industries as broad as retail, finance and technology.   Her clients come from disciplines including client-focused roles such as sales and business development to engineering and product design.

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What peope say about Anna’s coaching

“I’ve had the privilege to have Anna as a Leadership coach. It has been a true pleasure all the way, as Anna has managed to make each of these sessions extremely valuable and unique. Anna has a true sense of empathy, and a way to listen actively (and remember nearly everything 🙂 ) that I have not found often…. Anna is a natural coach – she can create an open & informal atmosphere, without losing sight of the objectives and goals of the session. Her questions are always thoughtful and often add to the conversation an unexpected twist, or angle, which unlocks new possibilities. I think Anna is also very creative; she can use the full range of coaching questions in a way that really seems natural. There is never any feeling that we follow a playbook.” (Senior manager in Operations function)

Anna has done such beautiful coaching with me. She has been so professional and helped me to: 1. prioritize the topics I need to focus on, 2. manage and grow the team and 3. be myself with confidence.  Without her, I do not think I could be here where I feel more charged to work here.Thank you Anna!  (Media Director)

“Creates a perfect environment for sharing, puts one at ease. Excellent listener, and gets the context fast. Makes very relevant, targeted and actionable recommendations. Brings perspective”  Other comments from career coaching session coachees

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